About Us

Mr. Tech Support provides corporate quality technical support for computers, networks, Internet connections and home theaters for residential and small business customers. We are successful for three reasons. First, we treat our customers with respect and share information with them using terminology that can be easily understood. By using everyday language instead of geek-speak to explain a problem and a solution, the customer feels included in the resolution of their problem. Second, we complete 90% of our work on-site at our customer’s location. Too many companies today try to provide support from a remote location under the perception that remote support is more efficient or cost effective, often times not fixing the problem and at the same time alienating the customer. Third, we provide a quicker turn around for a completed solution and almost never, ever exceed our quote for a job. Many of our services are a flat fee that provide our customers a more complete solution that our peers provide, no matter how long it takes to finish the job. In short, our service is more personal and high touch. We see our customers faces. We physically set up and hook up the equipment and when we walk out our customer’s door, we know everything works and we rarely get a phone call later about not being able to print or connect to the Internet. These three reasons are the foundation for our success. We are in our eighth year of business and we have helped almost 1,000 customers in Central Virginia.

Licenses / Credentials :

• Microsoft Certified System Engineer
• Microsoft Small Business Specialist
• Microsoft Certified Professional
• Apple Service Training
• A Plus Training

We Specialize In:


  • Computer repairs, upgrades, installation and new computer setup
  • Software installation, Virus/Spyware removal, Point of Sale software, Medical/Dental practice software
  • All Microsoft Server software setup and maintenance, peer to peer file sharing
  • Networks, cabling, routers, modems, and all Internet connections
  • Home Theater device setup and installation