MTS Care

Computer Support and Repair in Richmond, VAbusiness computer supportSave money and do more. Who doesn’t like to hear that? With our MTS Care package the focus is on prevention, but the benefit is that you’ll always have technology that works efficiently, the way it should. We understand better than most the costs of having to repair malfunctioning software and equipment, or having to replace it before its time. That’s why we’ve designed a package of services to head off the most common causes of computer failure we’ve seen in our over 25 years of experience.

For $120 per computer you get two six month “tune ups” where we provide:

  • Removal of unnecessary programs, one of the main causes of computer slow downs
  • Installation of all operating system updates including service packs
  • Updates of Adobe, HP, Java, and Apple Software
  • Testing and restoring of data backups to keep your files safe in the event of a hard drive failure
  • Removal of dust and debris from inside of the computer that contribute to overheating, one of the primary causes of hardware failure
  • Testing, updating, and/or installation of antivirus/antispyware software
  • Bi-Annual review analyzing your current equipment to tell you what needs to be upgraded based on your needs and he likelihood of failure.

As a valued customer you also get 20% off labor on any of our other support or repair services, along with one free virus scan and removal.