Residential Computer and Technology Support

Mr. Tech Support wants to be your go-to guy for servicing your home PC or Mac. That is why we gear our service toward the entire lifecycle of your computer.

Residential Computer Repair in Richmond VAFrom the initial installation, we optimize your computer’s performance by removing unnecessary preinstalled programs, installing operating system and software updates or service packs, setting up your internet connection and email, and installing an antivirus/anti-spyware program that doesn’t impact system performance and never requires a license renewal. All of this is a standard part of our New Computer Setup.

We also recommend new computers have our Data Backup Service. We’ll analyze your needs and set you up with an external device or service to ensure you never lose pictures, music, or important documents.

Over time you’re likely to see some slow down in your computer’s performance. To keep your computer as good as new we offer a complete Computer Tune Up service. We scan for and remove spyware, viruses, or unused programs that slow performance, perform disk and hardware maintenance, remove dust and debris that cause overheating, and install the latest security, program and operating system updates.

And of course, should you ever have a problem with hardware, software, malfunctioning devices or viruses, we’re always happy to help out with our friendly, fast, face-to-face service.

When it’s finally time to purchase a new computer we’ll be happy to recommend the best deals on one that suits your needs and budget. We’ll also remove and properly recycle your old PC and securely erase any data and personal information from your old hard drive. With our Data Transfer service, we can even move all your old documents, user settings, pictures, music and more to your new computer.

In this day in age, all home owners need certain phone numbers for trusted maintenance companies to keep homes in working order. Why not put Mr. Tech Support’s phone number on your fridge next to your plumber, electrician, or HVAC repair company?