Tune Up

The biggest technology complaint we receive is that a computer is running slowly. Over time the number of unused programs that load automatically tends to increase, as well as viruses or malware, all of which can hog resources and slow your system down. In some cases, the antivirus programs themselves use excessive memory, causing the very inconvenience they’re designed to prevent. Your computer’s software might not be up to date or optimized for any newer devices you are using. The hardware itself tends to get dirty, trapping heat and slowing the function of the device. Any of these things can slow your computer down, but all of them are adressed during our Tune Up service.

For just $100 we will spend 2 to 4 hours working on your computer, making sure to:

  • scan for and remove viruses, spyware, or any malicious code
  • install Symantec’s End Point Protection or Microsoft Security Essentials
  • install all operating system and critical software updates
  • remove any unused and unnecessary programs
  • install the latest drivers for your devices
  • remove any dust or debris from the computer that may cause damage

Call us to schedule an appointment today. You’ll be amazed by how much time and frustration you’ll save once your computer’s running good as new.